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Re: alsa help needed desperately!

sorry. here goes:

root@homer:/etc/alsa/modutils# ls -l /dev/mixer0 /dev/dsp0
crwxrwxrwx    1 root     audio     14,   3 18 sep 20:34 /dev/dsp0
crw-rw----    1 root     audio     14,   0 18 sep 20:34 /dev/mixer0

by the way, i can provoke some errors with xamixer2:
root@homer:/etc/alsa/modutils# xamixer2
Unable to get hardware information about card #0!
Error: Inappropriate ioctl for device
Trying to guess the appropriate values.
Unable to open mixer #0 on card #0~
Error: No such file or directory
Unable to get the info for mixer #0 on card 0!  Error: Invalid argument
There's not much more I can do on this mixer.  Shutting it down.
Oh well.  I couldn't even close the mixer.  I suspect that something is
seriously wrong here.  Good luck.

perhaps it is useful for diagnostics ?


> Nope, that was for the symlink.  Now, let's look at the real permissions
> those of:
> - /dev/mixer0
> - /dev/dsp0
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