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Re: (OT) The NFS security system

%% David Wright <ichbin@shadlen.org> writes:

  >> To say "M$ does better" is to fail to grasp a large variety of
  >> realities about the differences in design, history, implementation,
  >> stability, and purpose of the two systems.

  dw> I love it! Andrew, you should really consider going into public
  dw> relations.  :-)

  dw> Rafaele, to answer your question without the politics: yes --
  dw> Microsoft does better.

Well, except that WASN'T his question.

If he'd asked "Is SMB more secure than NFS?" then probably the answer is
yes--although I know very little about SMB and secure NFS does
exist--but it is little used and I'm not sure if it's supported on Linux

However, what he _asked_ is "how could the initial developers of NFS
[not even] think about [security]?".  Andrew's response was the correct
answer to the question that was asked.

Being upset that the traditional NFS security model trusts the client is
akin to being upset that a 1966 Chevy doesn't have air bags.

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