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Re: [OT] punctuation (was Re: Configuring w3m for Mozilla)

* Preben Randhol <randhol@pvv.org> [21-09-2002 10:56]:
> Although it also puzzels me why people use mozilla when galeon has a
> much better interface.

Agreed, one thing I miss though. (Please make my day if this is also
possible within Galeon.)

In Mozilla I could prevent websites to change the status-bar
message. I am not sure if this does what I think it does. But a big
annoyance is scrolling text that prevents seeing where a link is
pointing to. If I remember correctly, I never saw that in Mozilla.

Now we're on the topic of Galeon anyway. I am not sure that
zap-colors (a bookmarklet that changes for instance pink text on
yellow background to black on white). I haven't been able to do this
recently. I assume that this has to do with fancy stuff like style
sheets and other stuff I know nothing about. 

Does anyone know a website that this bookmarklet should work on? I
want to be sure I am not wasting my eyes when an obvious solution is
available that now is broken for one reason or another.


p.s. if you want to answer my question but are ashamed to reveal
knowledge of a website with questionable layout (and usually
content), please reply in a private message. I can keep a secret ;-)

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