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Re: (OT) The NFS security system

David Roundy wrote:

> I second the recommendation of sfs, which is quite nice and pretty easy to
> set up.  Like nfs, it doesn't require any funky partitioning of your
> drive.

As opposed to what? Does Coda require weird partitioning?

I took a quick (very quick) look at the Coda and SFS web sites. SFS
seems very cool, but there appears to be no implementation for
commercial OS's developed in Redmond, Washington. Which is fine if you
don't need that, but unfortunately some of us have such machines and
need to share files with them.

Coda has alpha-quality support for NT 4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP,
though the Cygwin Unix emulation layer is required for the userland
tools -- which presumably means you can't (yet) use the Windows Explorer
to surf Coda shares.


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