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Re: [OT] punctuation (was Re: Configuring w3m for Mozilla)

> > > > I'm curious. In what packages can you find these commands?
> > >   apt-cache show mozilla-browser
> > I think he was looking for 'type' and 'command', not 'mozilla'.

Oh, okay.  I parsed the grammer the other way.  The messages are the
almost same when the command you are looking for, mozilla in this
case, is not found.

> And they're builtin commands if 'bash' is your shell (and maybe others).

Hopefully lots of others.  Those are defined by standards such as
SUSv3.  I expect every standard shell to have them.  And by standard
that does leave out csh.  ;-)  But any shell that claims to be a POSIX
shell that could function as /bin/sh on a modern system should be good
to go for those.


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