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[RESOLVED] Re: I'm worried about a Warning from lilo

On Sun, Sep 01, 2002 at 11:10:01PM +0200, Nicos Gollan wrote:
> On Sunday 01 September 2002 20:36, Paul E Condon wrote:
> > The message is:
> >
> > Warning: Int 0x13 function 8 and function 0x48 return different
> >  head/sector geometries for BIOS drive 0x81
> This discussion was on the list before. Search the archives for "A Note 
> from the LILO Developer on Warnings" (date is 2002-05-27). To make it 

I looked at this. I might, some day, write a paper about the nature of 
the deep misunderstanding that exists between developers and users. 

For now, I'm happy to know that, in the situation where the traditional
cylinder/head assignments cannot be true, i.e. for any really large disk,
they are, in fact not. 

Thanks for the pointer to your earlier work!

> short, you can suppress it with -w and it shouldn't be harmful.
> Greetings from the depths of my memory. Why can I remember such 
> unimportant stuff and forget everything I need for exams?
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