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Re: about xawtv

John Joe said:
> i have a Flyvideo 2000.
> can i use xawtv with TV card?
> can xawtv capture video?

xawtv supports video4linux so if your card does support this standard
then it will run on xawtv. from a quick search I think it is supported,
not sure how well.

xawtv can capture video, I think it can also capture video+audio as
well but it does not do a good job of it, that is you probably don't
want to use it to record shows and stuff.

I used avifile(avifile.sourceforge.net) to record video to DiVX, which
worked ok, it was the most stable and fastest app I could find for
recording video.

xawtv is very stable though, one of my machines has been running xawtv
24/7 for literally over 1 year without any issues. the machine has been
up since april 1 2001


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