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Re: A (little) bit OT: The Gimp & LaTeX (Or putting it all together)

vdemart@supereva.it wrote:
> I manipulate my high quality jpg photos (camera 4.1 megapixel i.e. images 2272x1704 pixels) with Linux & the Gimp and print them with the Gimp itself after having put two pictures on an A4 glossy high quality paper. Now this procedure is time-consuming and I'm would like to use the LaTeX for this same purpose.
> For instance, I have tried the following:
> after manipulating a couple of jpg images I've saved them as PS images and then loaded them into a LaTeX program where, by means of textpos, graphicx packages and \parbox I've put them on a single A4 paper.
> Now my technical questions:
> Is there any loss of image quality in doing so (I didn't even try to print one image owing to the high cost of glossy paper!!) with respect to a Gimp printing?

gv <your_ps_file.ps>

I find that conversion to PS/EPS often degrades bitmap pictures (in
particular the over-the-top anti-aliasing makes text and hard lines

> Is there any linux package able to put any number of photos on a single A4 page?

Couldn't say about that.  Try 'apt-cache search images one page' or
something like that.


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