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[SOLVED] eth0 deactivates overnight...

Summary of the problem:

* woody recently upgraded from potato
* DHCP driven eth0  
* when the computer was left running overnigth, in the morning pinging any
host showed 'unknown host', pinging IP resulted in 'no route to host'
* eth0 was up, and had correct IP address
* routing table was empty (which I discovered after submitting the post)
* /etc/init.d/networking restart brought the network back
* the problem hasn't occured before upgrade from potato  
* DHCP server has been running for months without problems 

Solution (partial):
Installed dhcp-client in place of pump (potato ran on dhcp-client, which
was quietly changed to pump during upgrade process). The problem was
probably pump config (or a bug). Most probably default lease time in
pump (why no renewal?). Hard to tell now since I removed pump with config

Thanks for all hints!



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