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/etc/cron.monthly/scrollkeeper noise

It is the first of the month again and as every month I get a burp of
noise from scrollkeeper.  But I don't even know what it is.

I read the package description.  It was so informative.  Not!  It is
so abstract as to say nothing at all about scrollkeeper.  I will
reproduce it here.

>  It stores metadata specified by the http://www.ibiblio.org/osrt/omf/
>  (Open Source Metadata Framework) as well as certain metadata extracted
>  directly from documents (such as the table of contents).
>  It provides various functionality pertaining to this metadata to help
>  browsers, such as sorting the registered documents or searching the
>  metadata for documents which satisfy a set of criteria.

Would it be possible for a kind soul to educate me?  What is
scrollkeeper?  Why does it burp noise every month?

> Subject: Cron <root@hprwp> test -e /usr/sbin/anacron || run-parts --report /etc/cron.monthly
> /etc/cron.monthly/scrollkeeper:
> scrollkeeper-update: /usr/local/share/omf: No such file or directory
> Registering /usr/share/omf/gnome-core/gnome-feedback-C.omf
> Registering /usr/share/omf/gnome-core/fdl-C.omf
> Registering /usr/share/omf/gnome-core/gnome-feedback-no.omf
> [...three big pages of lines like this deleted...]

And I can't remove it or it will also want to remove galeon-common and
therefore galeon-common.  But interestingly not mozilla.  I would be
happy it if removed everything else since I use fvwm and not gnome.

> The following packages will be REMOVED:
>   galeon* galeon-common* gdm* gnome-applets* gnome-control-center*
>   gnome-core* gnome-help* gnome-panel* gnome-panel-data*
>   gnome-session* gnome-terminal* gnome-users-guide* gnome-utils*
>   gtm* sawfish-gnome* scrollkeeper*

I will manually disable it unless there is an overwhelming reason not
to do so.  I hate gratuitously noise cron jobs like this package.
Multiply this across many machines and it equates to a mail bomb
regularly in my mailbox each month.


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