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Re: Apache Child Segfaults

> > Am I to assume that all updates are applied?  mod_ssl, OpenSSL?
> Yup, all updated and as current as 'sarge' permits :)

what versions?  since testing doesn't have security updates, it's
possible that these are lagging.. any SSL related log entries?

> > any related logs? can you cross-reference times to accesses of URLs? 
> > Perhaps a script is causing it somehow..
> That it is in the error logs. There was a standard 404 error now and
> then, I thought it may have something to do with it. I fixed the 404,
> and the problem still persists.

what I meant to ask was, can you cross reference the times with the
access_log and find anything interesting? grab 10 or so of them and grep
for the time (as well as one minute before/after just in case) to see if
anything common is being accessed.. it's possible (though unlikely) that
something which apache would not log as a specific error would cause the
child to die..


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