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Re: Any suggestion on DE-530 NIC card?

Ying Yin wrote:
Hello, all	

	I installed "Woody" on my computer from CD_ROM that labeled
"debian-30r0-i386-binary-1" and it can not recognize my DE-530
NIC card.

	Would you give me any suggestion on how to find the NIC driver?
	Thanks :)

Best regards.
Ying Yin

D-Link has a bad habit of putting out cards with similar model numbers, but using widely differing chipsets. Here is a list of the various models in this area with their respective driver modules:

DE-530TX    ---> tulip.o  (I would bet this is the one you want)
DFE-530TX   ---> via-rhine.o
DFE-530TX+  ---> rtl8139.o or 8139too.o

Check your NIC's chipset and select one of the above modules according to the actual chipset you have. Insert this module into the kernel using "modprobe XXXXX.o" command as root (where XXXX.o = driver module being tried). If this works, then just add this module to the /etc/modules file. It should be automatilly detected next time you boot, AND it will work after the "modprobe" command.

Depending on your kernel version, you might find several different "brands" of the tulip.o driver. On my 2.2.20 kernel here, there is a "ng_tulip.o", a "old_tulip.o", a "tulip.o", and a "tulip_scyld.o" located in /lib/modules/2.2.20/net/. You might want to try each of these with the "modprobe" command until you get one that installs OK.

-Don Spoon-

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