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Re: /etc/aliases

Tom Allison <tallison@tacocat.net> [2002-09-20 06:24:10 -0400]:
> The head of the file says it was generated by exim, which I 
> thought I purged and replaced with postfix.  I made some changes 
> to the file...

The head of the file is a comment put there by exim.  Since exim is
the first to get installed on new systems it finds the system without
an /etc/aliases file and creates one.  It places the comment there to
that effect.

When postfix is installed it keeps the comments in /etc/aliases.  Or
rather more precisely the postrm script of exim does not remove the
comments it placed in /etc/aliases.  It can't remote /etc/aliases
since that would be much worse.

Note that if you do actually install postfix first then the
/etc/aliases file is much different and only contains one entry,
IIRC.  I should file a bug on that.


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