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Re: are we going to have a Y2.1K problem like Y2K?

On 6 Sep 2002, Dan Jacobson wrote:

> $ touch -t 200011111111 a
> $ touch -t 201111111111 a
> $ touch -t 211111111111 a
> touch: invalid date format `211111111111'
> Oh great, can't deal with dates in the next century.  Hope this isn't
> a deep routed problem for all of Unix or something.

2038 is when our dates run out:

# touch -t 203711111111 a
# touch -t 203811111111 a
touch: invalid date format `203811111111'

I believe it's supposed to be "automagically" fixed when we move from 32
to 64 bits of something or other :)

(Can anyone confirm this impression I have?)


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