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Re: [Samba] strange problem printing to windows box

On Wed, Aug 28, 2002 at 03:00:19PM +0200, Kovar Jan wrote:
> Connect the printer to Windows 98. 
> Install drivers.
> Test printing.
> Unplug the printer and connect it to your linux box.
> Setup samba to see the printer from Windows 98 on your samba server.
> Go to printer settings in Windows 98 and change the port from LPT to
> \\linux\lp

Kovar, thanks for the reply. I had been trying to add a second printer
on the windowsbo x rather than change the location of the first.
Everything seems to work now:  I can now print from either machine.

However, this arrangement makes it _much_ slower to print from the
windows machine, which is where 90% of the jobs will come from.  So
I'd like to move the printer to the windows box but I don't know how
to debug this problem where pages sent from linux via SMB are
truncated near the end.  This seems a less common problem than simply
having trouble getting printing to work at all, so I will re-post it
to the lists.

List folks please Cc: me as I'm not subscribed to either of them.

Thanks again,


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