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Re: Alternatives To NFS?

Jason Healy <jhealy+debian-user@logn.net> writes:

> Yes.  AFS allows for NFS-like connectivity and mounting (some large
> universities use it for home directories).  AFS servers and clients
> are available in Debian (though I've never gotten around to setting
> one up).

I have.  it was not simple, and not at all for the faint-hearted.
however, some kind soul has produced a transcript of an AFS
configuration session and included it in the openafs-client Debian
package.  with the help of the transcript I was able to get things
moving fairly quickly.  without it it would have taken me, well, a
really long time to even begin to understand what to do.

when you consider that AFS is meant to be secure, and that the largest
part of security in any system is the human administration of the
system, it's clear that an administrator fumbling his way through an
installation, blindly following a script he doesn't understand is not
a recipe for good security.

which isn't meant to be a knock on AFS.  just to illustrate that
an AFS is probably more suited to a department level organization than
a single user "convenience" system.



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