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[STOP THIS] Why mailing-lists? Usenet have been invented, I hear. ;-)

He list,

just a small one, because I think this flamewar is 

1. getting out of hand


2. wasting our time.

Yes, probably it is tough for most newbies when they are told 'RTFM',
but being sort of a newbie myself I do not see a problem with that ...
it is one of the best advices somebody can give me, because being told
that I most often realize that the problem can be solved easily just by
reading more of the documentation. 

Yes, the manpages and most other documents out there are a little bit
hard to understand if you are new to the subject in question, but
without learning by doing you won't get anywhere. So keep on trying,
RTFM again and again, and you'll succeed. Maybe that will take a while,
but hey, nobody said it would be easy in the first place.

Just a thought, but let us please just stop this flamewar and get back
to business. We are suppose to help each other, not to fight useless

Thanks to all of you guys out there who are helping beginners like me.



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