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(OT) The NFS security system


I thought i understood the security system of NFS but i obviusly do not.

I added to the exports file of a Debian machine a line like the following


I know i know i should not do that... its was only for that test.

I tried to connect from a Win32 machine (in the above subnet) using a Win32 
NFS client to that share and was not able... I set the UID to 0 and the GID 
to 0 and got everytime a "Auth failed".

After that i tired to connect from another Debian machine logeed in as Root 
and was perfectly able to mount...

I'm am now not sure how NFS verifies a user...
a. Does the client send the username with his mount query to the server and 
the server looks at his passwd file to check if the user exists (and not 
looking at the password) or
b. Does the Client send the username AND the password with the mount querry 
and the server verifies if that is correct?
c. An all different way? :-))

Yes, i know this is really OT but i seached the net and did not find a kickin 

Thanks for any advice.

Raffaele Sandrini <rasa@gmx.ch>
Annoyed about M$ Windows? Don't worry. Try Linux! (www.linux.org)

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