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Re: another openoffice program

Dnia(at) poniedziałek 23 wrzesień 2002 06:02 pm, Richard Weil napisał(said):
| I'm running sarge with a couple of unstable programs.
| I upgraded OO last week remotely; an upgrade appeared
| when I ran dselect, so I upgraded. Now, when I run OO,
| the rulers are _extremely_ narrow, as are the tollbars
| at the top. The buttons are still in the toolbars, but
| no text. All menus are tiny and without text. I
| apologize if this is a repeat of another question on
| the list - I did a quick skim and didn't see something
| similar. Any ideas?
| Richard
It look like probem with fonts after ttf microsoft fonts package upgrade. 
There was a thread about it on the list.

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