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Re: [OT] punctuation (was Re: Configuring w3m for Mozilla)

Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> wrote on 19/09/2002 (18:07) :
> quote format just to be explicit.  And it makes cut-n-paste easier.
>   which mozilla
> But instead of that old csh script 'which' I prefer newer commands
> such as 'command' or 'type'.  (Yes I see that on debian which is now a
> bash script instead of a csh script.  But this is not true everywhere.)
>   type mozilla
>   command -v mozilla

Isn't it kind of stupid to suggest a bash only solution? Especially if
you want to use this in a script like:

BROWSER=`which mozilla`

Although it also puzzels me why people use mozilla when galeon has a
much better interface.

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