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[no subject] "Daddy, something's wrong with the filesystem..." "upgrade" vs "dist-upgrade" 'Failed to fetch... ' in apt-get update 'xset -r keycode' doesn't work (fixed) Re: modutils won't install on testing (forw) [ xchat problems] (no subject) (OT) I am offended by the wording (OT) non-proprietary software merits *total* switch of CapsLock and Ctrl -dbg packages .htaccess help! .Xdefaults or .Xsession ( Test-post) /dev/input/mice on 2.4.12 /dev/snd help /dev/ttS?? modules /etc/aliases file /etc/modules does not exists /etc/princtap && opera Re: /proc permissions /proc permissions and hsf modems Re: /proc permissions and other things /sbin/ipchains: host/network `' not found Re: /sbin/ipchains: host/network `' not found - SOLVED /var and /usr Re: virtual hosting in apache and file locations /var/spool/mail/USER 100hz in Xfree86-4.1? Re: 2.4 -ac kernels with Adrian Bunk's potato packages? 2.4.10 and swap usage 2.4.13 kernel issue? /dev/null flags reset to 600 2.4.6 NFS problem 2.4.9 hanging on laptop 2nd core pointer speed settings in XFree4 3 buttons from a 2 button mouse, how? 3c905b-TX 3c905C-TX NIC 3com 905 driver/module 4 doubts on Kernel compilation (A dual boot Win-Lin Machine) 512Meg of Ram Re: : changing mutt index entry of message based on header Re: <b>logrotate</b> still not workin USB Keyboard Información sobre notebook compac 1245 Re: ¡¡ Socorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrro !! [Fwd: Re: What's apt-get doing to me?] Re: [Fwd: Re: What's apt-get doing to me?] Re: make a module? Re: Optimizing debian for fast cpu? Re: riddle me this?? Re: swapfiles & 512MB+ RAM? Re: What's apt-get doing to me? Re: XF86Setup for woody? What's apt-get doing to me? Why doesn't the kernel make like my libncurses? >From in mutt? ?package with tgetent [Abuse #49956] debian-user-digest Digest V101 #1809 [ Weird XFree 4.1.0-6 problem on Sid] Re: [DEB] Freegeek non profit SHOULD use non-profit libr? Linux distro. [DEB] PAM missing library ??? Re: [DEB] Re: *total* switch of CapsLock and Ctrl Re: [DEB] Re: Debian S-L-O-W Upgrading [DEB] syslogd console message ??? Re: [Emu10k1-tools-devel] Re: emu10k1 for debian [error] install mozilla-browser Re: [Fwd: Re: What's apt-get doing to me?] [ Nvidia Riva TNT2Pro, with XFree86 v. 4.1.0] [ xfree86, installation question] Re: [just-us-l] Re: Books Re: [MDLUG] dual boot [newbie]Please help with Matrox G400 and XFree 4.1.0 [ot] Chmods for phpNuke... [ot] Gimp filetypes... [OT] Help: SuSE /usr/lib/apsfilter/bin/apsfilter [OT] Mutt Configuration [OT] procmail dislikes Jeffrey? [was Re: Software DVD players] [OT] Re: LAPTOPS AND TWO DIFFERENT WORKPLACES (OT) [OT] Re: Merry Christmas! [OT] Sane envelope sender [ Not configuring] [possibly OT] Message Board <- what to use Re: [pptp-server] Does anyone have a PPP 2.4.1 .deb built with mppe for PPTP [slightly OT] Emacs21 new features (was Re: kudos) Re: [SLUG] Re: Mutt->Mozilla ? [SUMMARY] Debian From Scratch Re: [suporte] Re: Strange message from IMAP: "DON'T DELETE THIS MESSAGE -- FOLDER INTERNAL DATA" [The Post Office <>] email delivery error [ Re: Xine-ui - no sound] Re: [wm-user] WindowMaker 0.70.0-1 ^S/scroll-lock in konsole `screen`ing an x-app abiword & ispell Abiword and libgal9 [was Re: Gnucash ] About Managing tasks through remote access about the gcc-3.0 package.. AC kernels (was Re: EXT3) Accessing Deb package Mirror via LAN on a dial up PPP connection accessing Ms Access(*.mdb) files Re: accessing Ms Access(*.mdb) files... Stopgap solution accounting total traffic Acroread broken? Add a new module to kernel? Added SCSI card, need to load module Adding a gateway for ppp? Adding Drives Additional Apt-get sources Administration interface ... ADSL startup and non-root users Advice on creating a workstation Alcatel Speedtouch USB ADSL modem Aliasing a NIC allowing access to rsh from but I don't know why allowing localhost to use squid proxy from konqueror, does not work allowing root X apps almost (but not quite) have alsa working Alsa 0.9.0b7 build problem. ALSA loaded, but not playing sound alsa update probs alsamixer Annoying Mozilla 0.9.5 behavior Annoying Mozilla behavior Another debconf-db than config.dat Another interrupt thing another question Any HOWTO on PAM ? (qpopper pop3 auth) Re: Any HOWTOs for firewalling? Re: Any HOWTOs for firewalling? - gazzillion Any windowing system in text mode? Anyone able to help with PAM please ?? anyone for masqmail? anyone get gnomemeeting to work properly? Anyone got .deb packages for MySQL 3.23.xx on Potato? Anyone gottem mndi to work? anyone have libgwrapguile1_1.1.11-1? Anyone remember the recent error in an X configuration file? anyone using postfix in a home LAN setup? Apache and virtual hosts Apache Method: POST Apache Out of Memory Apache segfaults upon receiving first hit apm broken in 2.4.10 apm, grub Apologies to those offended by my signature. Apple Keyboard application menu won't launch application menu won't load - more specifics follow applying font size and family to QT apps. apt 0.5.4: preferences file Apt dependency problem apt from cd Apt Get Barfs apt logfile? Apt preferences (was Re: apt question) apt preferences semantics (was Re: Shall I upgrade to Woody?) Re: Apt sources for ximian & KDE apt-get & firewall apt-get areas Re: apt-get & firewall apt-get --diff upgrade? apt-get dist-update problem apt-get dist-upgrade dropping carrier The last update was on 07:41 GMT Thu Jul 04. There are 5673 messages. Page 1 of 12.

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