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(OT) non-proprietary software merits


Today in CIS class, we talked about how software is kind of dangerous if it 
isn't proprietary. Also mentioned was Shareware, Freeware and Public Domain.

Please realize, I use linux that is 'debianized' on both this box and on my 
router/firewall. Yet I am really kind of amazed that these professional 
instructors don't even know what GPL is or that they would recommend 
proprietary software over anything else.

If you have some good info that you wouldn't mind sharing with me privately, 
I would really like to collect a sample and present it to both my current 
instructor and the staff of my college. I am not currently subscribed to 
debian-users, so if you reply to the list, kindly add my address as a CC.

Thank you so much. I hope I can collect some useful information organized and 
presented in a kind yet assertive way.

Best regards to all


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