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Re: apm broken in 2.4.10

On Sun, Oct 07, 2001 at 11:04:49AM -0500, Jack wrote:
| Does any body have the same problem with apm from 2.4.10?
|  .  apm does not work with any arguments passed to the kernel, like:
|     "apm=on"

I noticed this when I upgraded to the Debian-packaged 2.4.x kernel.
The apm stuff is also as a module so I needed to add 'apm' to
/etc/modules for the power off to work.

|  .  apm works without any "apm=",  it actually power off the machine.
|  .  apm cause problem when X exits,  it reboots the machine without go
|     through 'init 6',  that means a whole fsck for every partition at
|     next bootup.  
|  .  With the apm was on. I did notice "apm init fail" (sort of like
|     that) from the console when the X was started.

I haven't noticed any of these other problems.  (I run woody, mostly)


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