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accounting total traffic

i operate a public server that hosts non-profit with merely the
traffic volume paid for. i am looking for a way to unite account/shell
traffic (ssh, scp transfers, rsync, etc.) with apache virtual domains
and certain postfix aliases to be able to get daily/weekly/monthly
usage stats on the amount of traffic generated. right now, i use three
separate tools (iptables, pflogsumm, webalizer) for this task, and
it's not automated and a pain!

is there a tool that i can tell that a user "john" has the domains
"john.com" and "john.net" hosted on my server, receives all mail for
@john.{com,net} in addition to john@the.servers.real.name, and then
have that tool run nightly on the log files (or persistently in the
background) and create a summary report?

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