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[SUMMARY] Debian From Scratch


Thank you for all who hinted me on the issue of 
"Debian From Scratch", i.e. the problems of building a 
small size linux system. This following are cuts and paste
from Here, There, and EveryWhere. 

First of all, the Debian Rescue/Install system **IS** a
small size linux system (ca. 2.5 Mbytes); unfortunately
I could not find the HOWTO for building that system. 
Furthermore, I could not find the "BusyBox" packet. Is it 
hidden somewhere? Has anyone tried to modify /etc/alternatives
with the BusyBox? Next, the standard modules library more 
than 10 Mbytes.

Second, although the developers hinted that LRP was based 
on Debian; it is not so clear on how they have exactly built 
the LRP ( from .orig.tar.gz/diff files, or from striping the 
.deb packages, or perhaps both -- see also 
http://master-beta.linuxrouter.org:8080/faq/LRP-FAQ-4.html#ss4.2 )

But, the best clue was
3.4 How do I make an LRP kernel from a 'normal' kernel ? 

[...] Don't underestimate the manual work you'll find you have to 
do. If you give up, send Dave a postcard for fixing all the diffs 
for you :) [...]

In regard of how to setup a system with "chroot"
(from another thread in Debian-User), I have  visited:

   (A note from Patrick Kirk:
    ... It didn't work for me when I took a look at it.  The 
    ports seem to fail, the usergroup unresponsive and I 
    actually feel warm and fuzzy about Debian.  But the chroot 
    build instructions are exactly what you need...).

A note from Karsten M. Self:
  - Dedicate partition(s) to the Debian install.  Depending on 
    how far you plan to progress, give that 120MB - multiple GB.

  - Untar the base tarball into this partition.  You'll find this in
    section 5.5.4 of the Installing Debian guide:


  - Explore the results, if it looks like you've got a good system,
    chroot into it running bash:

        $ cd /debian-install
        $ chroot . bin/bash

  - You'll have to do some stuff manually for starters, but you should
    be able to apt-get or dselect the additional packages you require.

Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim - VLSM-TJT - http://rms46.vlsm.org
--- Robert T. Kiyosaki is a cruel pathetic Dad! ----------

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