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Re: accounting total traffic

At 1002037145s since epoch (10/02/01 04:39:05 -0400 UTC), martin f krafft wrote:
> is there a tool that i can tell that a user "john" has the domains
> "john.com" and "john.net" hosted on my server, receives all mail for
> @john.{com,net} in addition to john@the.servers.real.name, and then
> have that tool run nightly on the log files (or persistently in the
> background) and create a summary report?

ntop will give you net stats for a specific interface.  If you are using
IP-based virtual hosting, then each IP will have it's own interface (eth0:0,
eth0:1, etc).  You could run bandwidth usage analysis on each interface,
which would map nicely to each domain.

Alas, if you're using name-based virtual hosting, it's tough to sort out the
traffic, since the packets only know about IPs, and not hostnames.


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