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Re: /dev/ttS?? modules

* Joe Barnett (jbarnett@Stanford.EDU) [010930 23:12]:
> Hi there,
> Whenever I boot up, i get messages from the kernel complaining that it
> cannot find ttS?? modules, or /dev/ttS?? modules.

it would be very helpful if you could post the exact complaint that the
kernel gives you. If you can't copy and paste it at that moment, it
should show up in the output of dmesg once the system is up.

> I've gone through kernel configuration options, but cannot seem to find
> the option that enables the building of these modules.  I would like to
> be able to use my serial port, and so was wondering which options I
> should enable.

you should just need CONFIG_SERIAL (listed in menuconfig as
"Standard/generic serial support". This is on (built-in) by default, and
there's really no reason it should have been turned off or modularized.
Did you build a custom kernel and disable it? What version are you
running? (can be found from 'uname -r'). If you did build a custom
kernel, did you use the kernel-package tools? if yes, or you're using a
non-custom (stock) debian kernel, please also give us 'dpkg -l
"kernel-image-*"', and 'grep CONFIG_SERIAL /boot/config-`uname-r`'.

Also, see what you can see in the output of 'ls -l /dev/ttyS*'. Go ahead
and post that here, too, so we can make sure it's correct.

Sorry, a flowchart would be helpful for my series of questions! I know I
ask a lot, but these things will help us figure out what your problem is
and how to solve it.

good times,

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