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Re: Apple Keyboard

Once in debian galaxy, I heard Tomoo Nmura say

> Hello,
> I'm using Sid i386.
> Currently, I choose Apple USB keyboard.
> When touching <caps lock> key, Linux always goes to freeze.
> I reconfigure console-common and set keyboard as qwert, US america,
> Apple USB keyboard but the problem still exist.
> Any solutions ?

I have a very similar symtomps with Abit VP6 (via chipset) running two
PIII 933.

I compiled the basic usb driver into the kernel using the usb-uhci
driver. ctrl-s on console, also makes my box goes crazy, but the caps
lock is even worse, as it freezes the whole box. After I switch to
uhci JE driver, these symthoms go away.

My siggest is to try uhci JE driver.


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