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AC kernels (was Re: EXT3)

Aniartia wrote:

> For the sake of mild curiosty, what's 'special' about the -ac kernels?

The -ac kernel patches are produced by Alan Cox (hence the name). They
consist of a number of more or less experimental features that often
migrate into Linus's official kernels after a while. For example, the
ext3 filesystem is currently part of Alan's patch. (ext3 is also
available as a stand-alone patch from the ext3 developers. That's the
patch you would use if you wanted to add ext3 to Linus's kernel.)

There are a number of people (including me, not that I'm an expert) who
consider the current -ac kernels to be superior to (more reliable than)
Linus's, despite the nominally "experimental" nature of the -ac patches.
Actually, one could argue that Linus's kernels are at least as
"experimental" as Alan's these days, since Linus chose to introduce
essentially a whole new VM in 2.4.10 -- a rather large change to make in
a "stable" kernel series -- while Alan has stuck with the previous 2.4
VM, preferring incremental fixes to wholesale replacement.


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