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Re: allowing localhost to use squid proxy from konqueror, does not work

On Fri, 19 Oct 2001, Walter Tautz wrote:

> I having difficulty getting this to work under woody...
> I am typically getting
> 1003520052.998      2 TCP_DENIED/403 1092 GET http://www.netscape.com/ - NONE/- -
> in the access log....
> I have used the default debian configuration....
> Does anyone have a configuration file that will accomplish the simple task of
> allowing me to set up a proxy server on my localhost and then use a browser
> on the same localhost. Note that I am only running apache-ssl...

edit /etc/squid.conf.  In the section with the other ACLs, add this:

http_access allow localhost

You might want to read the squid.conf manual page as well.


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