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Re: /proc permissions

on Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 09:12:07AM -0500, Mullins, Ron (rmullins@DigiTerra.com) wrote:
> Andrej Hocevar wrote:
> >did you deliberately insult me with your self-boasting remarks or
> >was it just me reacting prickly? to me it seems that my question
> It would seem just a little of both. ;) Karsten is often brusque in
> requesting list etiquette be observed. I will share a better way to
> change /proc entries later.

Viz:  my mail ettiquette statements (generally:  line wrap, postfix
(aka followup) response, HTML (don't), and grammar (generally) are
canned rants:

    rant:  a program to generate a well-known rant.  usage:  rant
    <rant-topic> Prepared rants include the following: backup, book,
    browser, bughowto, grammar, gpg, html, partition, quote, sshrsakey, xdm,
    vacation, wrap, help

    This program is available online at


A modicum of syntactic sugar is included:  "please" and "thank you".

I don't particularly care about thin-skinned sensitive types.  I'm not
out to insult people.  If you don't care for free assistance, send my
your fax number and I'll fax your dollar back.

> >mails that make you react irritable? yes, i know it's my not using
> >the shift-key etc., but this is a list for our debian-linux-related
> >problems, isn't it. so why then do you feel the urge to act as if i
> You were asking for help, weren't you? He's asking that you make it
> easier on everyone who will read you mail and try to help you. It's
> only right that you do so.


> >please, don't make even more insulting generalizations about other
> >people's laziness. my second mail on this topic clearly shows that i
> He didn't state that you were lazy. He said he was.


> >(about which i read in the very same /usr/src/linux/documentation
> >directory that you've mentioned).  <snip> if you ever intend to help
> >me again, please consider this advice on echoing. 
> He told you he was going off of memory. Take that literally.

> >nb: my thoughts on quoting are unfortunately different from yours.
> >in general, when writing anything similar to (scientific) research
> >or any other papers vaguely connected with my domain of study --
> >that's comparative literature -- i strictly follow mla's rules. but
> I'm not familiar with mla's rules....

Modern Language Association.


We follow a different guide here.  I strongly recomment Raymond:

    "Email Quoting" from the Jargon File.

Also called "conversational style".


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