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Re: Advice on creating a workstation

Hi there,

This is really easy to do in debian - it's just a matter of
editing the various menus to create a user account that's as
restrictive as you want.

For ease of use, I'd suggest you use KDE. Then simply log in
as the user that will be used by the group, and edit all the
menus. Remove anything that you don't want them to use, and
all should be fine.

You could also set the shell for that user to /dev/null in
/etc/passwd so that if they do try to start an xterm or log
in from a console, it will immediately die.



On Sat, Oct 13, 2001 at 01:29:16PM +0300, russirv@yahoo.co.uk wrote:
> Hello All
> I do voluntary work in a place where members of
> the public come to use computers, drink tea and
> coffee, read newspapers ...
> Usually we use windows but I have decided to 
> experiment with linux workstation (dual booting 
> with win2000).
> I really want to restrict users to browsing the www,
> using some office apps, accessing some other systems
> using some SSH type app, printing ...
> Does anyone have any words of advica to give before
> I embark on my journey (links to sources of info 
> welcome).
> At the moment I am deciding how to partition the 
> hard disk - I have reserved 4GB for linux.
> T:Irvine
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> Only in the dictionary does success 
> come before work
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Matthew Sackman

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