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[slightly OT] Emacs21 new features (was Re: kudos)

On Tue, Oct 23, 2001 at 07:36:48PM -0500, DvB wrote:
> This may be taking this thread a little OT, but I have to ask... I've
> heard (on Slashdot, to be exact) that Emacs21 has some "new user
> oriented" features that can be annoying for more experienced users. What
> are they? (assuming there really are any) and just how annoying are
> they?

Ad far as I can see:

- A graphic menu with icons (similar to XEmacs)m like print, undo, edit
  preferences, etc;
- Menus have been re-organized;
- An "Options"  entry in the menu.

I didn't  notice more than that -- so I think the other changes,
whatever they are, are not annoying (at least not in my case)



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