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[no subject] 1024 Cylinder Violation 1 IP Address on 2 Network Interfaces 2.2r3 install from CD problem 2.4.7 kernel boot hangs with "cramfs: wrong magic" Re: 2.4.7 kernel problem 2.4.8 & SB live 2.4.9 ppp woes 2.4.9 won't boot 2.4 kernel on woody install 2nd network interface acts weird:neighbour table overflow Re: 2 - Problems with Libraries - Part 2 2 - Problem with Libraries Part 2 3c509b and dos utility to disable PnP; or isapnptools 3Com 3c900 Boomerang 10Mbps Combo problem 3COM and Such Cards .. The Saga Continues 3com NIC card configuration 3dfx voodoo 3500 TV (agp, 16mb) 486 install from the internet 7 boxes to debianize 8003EP nic installation woes... abiword abiword: can't load fontset AbiWord: can't print/preview, characters as blocks ([][][][]) Abiword font problem Re: AC97 sound with devfs and 2.4.6 Account Migration from Novell to Linux Acrobat plugin for Mozilla action of ctrl+alt+delete in console ActiveState Perl .deb on Potato Re: Actualizar de Potato a Woody. FW: Adaptec Raid adding multiple users, newuser? and vim add multiple users .....or import from text file.... adduser/group hanging.... adminning mult boxen Adsl at start... ADSL problem with large packets aha! AIM and Netscape ALERT: XFree86 4.1.0-3 maintainer scripts hosed; please wait for 4.1.0-4 Re: alien dpkg-shlibdeps errors (solved) Re: alien rpm trouble allowing users to mount smbfs allowing users to upload Re: [Alsa-user] Re: trouble with Quake3+ALSA+debian: try #2 Alternative to aliases?? Re: AMD Athlon optimised, customized kernel, on Woody, and kernel oopses am i being wormed? aaugh! AmigaPPC! AMI IDE MegaRAID install problem anacron vs cron, conflict? [Announce] for Emacs users: new debian-bug.el another quick bsdgames question Fwd: Ansuwering machine Anti-Debian Discruimination (was: DEB vs RPM) Any Linux/Debian friendly hardware vendors in Holland Anyone has gnome-pilot 1.61 (latest) compile with USB? anyone have pppoa (PPP over ATM) working properly? Anyone using IMP to check their debian.list mail? Anyone using rawio? Any way to play midi files? Apache on second ip address? Apache & Perl apache-perl in woody APIC IO erros apt cache initialization error apt-get apt-get cannot get any files (404) apt-get causing some frustration apt-get download size apt-get galeon q apt-get install netscape apt-get install package/dist apt-get issue(s) apt-get message apt-get package priorities / installing KDE troubles Apt-get problem apt-get - segmentaton fault apt-get testing package on an otherwise stable box apt-getting recommended/suggested packages? apt-get update problem aptitude woes apt-listchanges not running Apt - Segmentation faulty Tree ARP requests coming into my computer? Art of Assembly stuff / dosemu Ask for information ASUS A7V-E motherboard ATA 100 module atexit Attaching to a Novell server through linux. Re: attempted break-in? Re: AucTeX question Re: AudioPCI: choppy sound (ES1371) audio works, but only as root autoconf[2.13] package broken? Autodetect hardware... automatically get the server up automatic recovery on power-down avoiding recursive readline commands in .inputrc AW: ipmasq support in potato kernel AW: jdk 1.3 AW: Modprobe Issue 2 Ayuda instalacion Backing up harddisk prior to failure backspace problem backups using tar Re: backups using tar - /dev/ht0 badiane: error message Re: bad links to emacs-e20 in my info/dir Bad signature on partition table bad superblock recovery help? Balsa hangs by sending mails banning messages from console basedebs.tgz bash-2.05.0(1) bug or new feature bash: /dev/lp0, /dev/lp1 and /dev/lp2 no such device Re: bash: /dev/lp0: no such device bash: /dev/lp0: No such device Bash/Perl weirdness Basic kernel 2.4.9 panic??? batch converting PNG icons to XPM Re[2]: bbdb-initialize in .emacs best practice for tar and gzip? BIIIG apt-get problem! bizarre console problem Bogus swap usage problem? Re: Bolet?n Informativo - Agosto 2001 Re: Boot disk doesn't recognize Compaq DL360's RAID controller booting into xdm bootproblem brahms and access to /dev/rtc broken exim+procmail Broken packages Re: bsdgames BTC-1831 Sound Card (Opti 1688) BTTV on Debian and Kernel 2.4.7 Bug#110738: mandb gets stuck! Bug: DHCP initialization with RealTek 8139 net driver building a simple mysql database accessed thru html Building Courier the Debian way building pcmcia-cs for 2.4.9 building pine Bus mastering and dual port ethernet Cable Modem/NIC cards Cable Modem on Linux caching-only name server Calling external file parameters into scripts? call up Cameras for linux: pan/tilt/zoom The last update was on 10:10 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 5944 messages. Page 1 of 12.

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