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[no subject] "import" cyrus-imap mails "invalid ICMP error to broadcast" "renicing" a network application (forw) [ Re: xfree 4.1.0 problems on two different machines] Re: (maybe slightly OT) q ad fvwm2 (no subject) (OT) The loan winbox Re: (WM) launching apps in particular workspaces .forward file format for exim .raw woody images to .iso /dev/log /etc/apt/sources.list question... Where are they? Re: /var/log/XFree86.0.log 1 IP Address on 2 Network Interfaces 1024 Cylinder Violation 2 - Problem with Libraries Part 2 Re: 2 - Problems with Libraries - Part 2 2.2r3 install from CD problem 2.4 kernel on woody install 2.4.7 kernel boot hangs with "cramfs: wrong magic" Re: 2.4.7 kernel problem 2.4.8 & SB live 2.4.9 ppp woes 2.4.9 won't boot 2nd network interface acts weird:neighbour table overflow 3c509b and dos utility to disable PnP; or isapnptools 3Com 3c900 Boomerang 10Mbps Combo problem 3COM and Such Cards .. The Saga Continues 3com NIC card configuration 3dfx voodoo 3500 TV (agp, 16mb) 486 install from the internet 7 boxes to debianize 8003EP nic installation woes... Re: : META QUESTION: how to read a bulk list (and stay happy :-) Antivirus para proteger el correo electrónico Posix Re: Boletín Informativo - Agosto 2001 Re: Går inte starta X Går inte starta X Rückruf: linux tag 2001 cd -hisax Gündem запрос [ Re: LT WinModem and kernel headers] [[IPTABLES HELP (fwd)]] (fwd) Re: [Alsa-user] Re: trouble with Quake3+ALSA+debian: try #2 [Announce] for Emacs users: new debian-bug.el [changing date's output] [ error in packages dependancies] [ Re: segfault in vi] [ Re: home and end keys not working in xterm] [fixed] can't configure xserver-xfree86 [Fwd: [Fwd: Re: The Sound of Silence]] [Fwd: Help with XMMS] [Fwd: IDE tape drive] [Fwd: kernel problems with athlon + msi mboard] Re: [Fwd: new install nfs not working] ...and causing problems [Fwd: Re: Mozilla & JAVA] [Fwd: Re: PrettyGoodPrivacy] [Fwd: Re: smbmount] [Fwd: Re: sockets without processes] [Fwd: Re: The Sound of Silence] [How to burn .raws]+[Woody ISO files] [ Re: masquerading] [ Re: Network configuration] [ Re: NVidia GeForce2 MX] [ Re: Xwindows color depth] [ gdk-imlib1_1.9.11-1.i386.deb is missing] [ Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender] Re: [maybe OT] Liveice: anyone knows where it defaults for the config file? [maybe OT] Liveice: anyone knows where it defaults for the config file? [OT] avoiding recursive readline commands in .inputrc [OT] German-English translation tools [OT] How to rsync images? [OT] impending doom: S1G on sept 8-9 [OT] Network speed ... again Re: [OT] package in a bad way - what to do [OT] Power supply specs [OT] Printing problems [OT] raw TCP/IP sockets? [OT] ripping cd question [OT] Slow mail server (was Re: how to you reconfigure...) [OT] sql database webmail? [ot] web/gui interfaces to databases... [OT] what is a preemp error? [OT] X11 Key mapping [OT]-Mutt thread question [OT]Hardware-mobo Chaintech 7AJA2 [Potato] IRQ/DMA/IO config with ISA PnP card (Was: Re: Sound cards & Linux?) [Potato] IRQ/DMA/IO config with ISA PnP card (Was: Re: Soundblaster 16) [Quite-OT] Kernel bombs on debian instalation [RE: NVidia GeForce MX2 XFree86 v4] [resolved] my problems with ip-masquerade [ X4 & SHAPE extension] [sid] TrueType in XFree86 4.1.0 [Slightly OT] Linux's 10th Birthday Re: [TriLUG] Re: Typing umlauts on an english keyboard [Way OT] SunOS question [XFree 4.1]CPU usage/blank console [ ] `Installing crc compensation attack detector' abiword Abiword font problem AbiWord: can't print/preview, characters as blocks ([][][][]) abiword: can't load fontset Re: AC97 sound with devfs and 2.4.6 Account Migration from Novell to Linux Acrobat plugin for Mozilla action of ctrl+alt+delete in console ActiveState Perl .deb on Potato Re: Actualizar de Potato a Woody. FW: Adaptec Raid add multiple users .....or import from text file.... adding multiple users, newuser? and vim adduser/group hanging.... adminning mult boxen Adsl at start... ADSL problem with large packets aha! AIM and Netscape ALERT: XFree86 4.1.0-3 maintainer scripts hosed; please wait for 4.1.0-4 Re: alien dpkg-shlibdeps errors (solved) Re: alien rpm trouble allowing users to mount smbfs allowing users to upload Alternative to aliases?? am i being wormed? aaugh! Re: AMD Athlon optimised, customized kernel, on Woody, and kernel oopses AMI IDE MegaRAID install problem AmigaPPC! anacron vs cron, conflict? another quick bsdgames question Fwd: Ansuwering machine Anti-Debian Discruimination (was: DEB vs RPM) Any Linux/Debian friendly hardware vendors in Holland Any way to play midi files? Anyone has gnome-pilot 1.61 (latest) compile with USB? anyone have pppoa (PPP over ATM) working properly? Anyone using IMP to check their debian.list mail? Anyone using rawio? Apache & Perl Apache on second ip address? apache-perl in woody APIC IO erros Apt - Segmentation faulty Tree apt cache initialization error apt-get apt-get - segmentaton fault apt-get cannot get any files (404) apt-get causing some frustration apt-get download size apt-get galeon q apt-get install netscape apt-get install package/dist apt-get issue(s) apt-get message apt-get package priorities / installing KDE troubles Apt-get problem apt-get testing package on an otherwise stable box apt-get update problem apt-getting recommended/suggested packages? apt-listchanges not running aptitude woes ARP requests coming into my computer? Art of Assembly stuff / dosemu Ask for information ASUS A7V-E motherboard ATA 100 module atexit Attaching to a Novell server through linux. Re: attempted break-in? Re: AucTeX question audio works, but only as root Re: AudioPCI: choppy sound (ES1371) autoconf[2.13] package broken? Autodetect hardware... automatic recovery on power-down automatically get the server up avoiding recursive readline commands in .inputrc AW: ipmasq support in potato kernel AW: jdk 1.3 AW: Modprobe Issue 2 Ayuda instalacion Backing up harddisk prior to failure The last update was on 06:28 GMT Sun Jun 12. There are 5944 messages. Page 1 of 12.

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