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Re: "renicing" a network application

On Sun, Aug 26, 2001 at 09:08:44PM +0200, Martin F Krafft wrote:
> hi,
> is there a known way to "renice" an application in terms of the
> bandwidth it gets? i would like our mirror script, which is constantly
> running, not to occupy more than 30% of our (limited and small)
> bandwidth.
> any clues?

There's a bandwidth "shaper" that may be built as a kernel module.  It
appears to do bandwidth limiting on the outgoing side only and is
applied to an interface rather than a process.  I've never used it, and
it doesn't sound exactly like what you want.  

	See <kernel>/Documentation/networking/shaper.txt

Also, see the "Adv Routing-HOWTO" which might provide more insight into
such things...

Eric G. Miller <egm2@jps.net>

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