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Re: Acrobat plugin for Mozilla

* Max Kamenetsky (maxk@chinook.stanford.edu) [010817 11:45]:
> Hi all!
>     Has anyone been able to get the Acrobat Reader plugin working on
> Mozilla?  It works fine under Netscape, but putting nppdf.so in
> /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins seems to have absolutely no effect.  I
> checked to make sure the permissions are right, but that doesn't seem
> to be the problem.  It doesn't show up in About:Plugins and nothing I
> can do seems to be able to get Mozilla to recognize it.  Any hints?

Which Mozilla are you running? Is it a deb? Do you have a
/usr/lib/mozilla-0.9.3 directory on your system? putting it in that
plugins directory might work, in that case. Do you have other plugins
loaded succesfully?


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