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Re: adminning mult boxen

Am 27. Aug, 2001 schwäzte Dimitri Maziuk so:

> The only tool I can think of is pen and paper: audit all those computers
> and work out which files on which boxen can be distributed as is, which
> need to be edited for a particular box, etc.

That's easy enough. It's getting the engine that tracks it and keeps
everything in sync that takes some work.

> Once you've figured out what exactly you want to do, you can try to
> find something in the usual places (like sourceforge), or write a bunch
> of cron + ssh + perl + CVS scripts to do what you want.

I'm gonna as on the SAGE mailing list, then start that way if they don't
have any suggestions. I find it hard to believe cfengine is the only package
that does this type of thing. That is what FAI is using, so maybe I should
give in and use cfengine.

> Having an all-debian network helps, at least you can use apt's get- and
> set-selections to keep packages in sync. <SMILEY type="envious"/>

One of the reasons I took this gig.


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