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Re: AC97 sound with devfs and 2.4.6

On Tue, Jul 24, 2001 at 05:46:28PM -0500, W. Paul Mills wrote:
> Not sure on this one. Make sure your master volume
> is not being set to zero. Also think you may find

Yep - try loading up alsamixer and check there are no 'MM's (mute)
anywhere, and that all channels have a volume > 0.

> > Thanks!  That works better, but now alsaconf fails with the
> > following notice:
> > 
> > Loading driver:
> > ALSA driver (version 0.9.0beta4) is already running.

So you've got ALSA driver 0.9.  Are you running Woody?  If you are, 
you'll probably need to get alsa-utils 0.9 from unstable.  I couldn't
get my sound working with alsa-utils 0.5.  I have these packages

shawn:/usr/local/src/debs# dpkg -l "alsa-*" | grep 0.9
ii  alsa-base      0.9+0beta4-5   ALSA driver common files
ii  alsa-source    0.9+0beta4-5   ALSA driver source
ii  alsa-utils     0.9.0beta4-1   Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (utils)
ii  alsa-modules-2 0.9+0beta4-5+p Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (drivers)

[I built the alsa-modles from alsa-source]

Maybe that helps


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