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Re: [Way OT] SunOS question

Having just completed a port of our server product from Debian to Solaris (I
wanted to try to keep the entire package environment as close as possible) I
_strongly_ suggest you try to find a port of screen for your breed of SunOS.
Trying to port sanely from GNU/Linux to Solaris is very trying. In particular,
any cool optimisations will bite you hard when Sun Workshop gets a hold of them

My own opinion is the Solaris needs to be put down or retired. Diabolical OS,
diabolical environment. And the hardware isnt _that_ good - not compared to the
price anyway: we used a e3500 (4 way) with list price of AUD$260,000 and it
performs no better than a Dual 733 Coppermine PIII with Mylex Raid card running
Debian. which cost us about AUD$7500. Disk IO on the e3500 is a little faster
'cos it uses Fiber Channel instead of UW160. But not quarter of a million
dollars worth!!

David Z Maze wrote:

> Hall Stevenson <hallstevenson@mindspring.com> writes:
> HS> There's a Sun Sparcstation at work that I would like to use
> HS> "virtual terminals" on, if it's even possible. So, is it ??
> HS>
> HS> 'uname -a' tells me this:
> HS>
> HS> SunOS fred 4.1.3 1 sun4m
> The Linux virtual terminal support is provided by the Linux kernel
> directly, so you're not going to get something identical on a machine
> running Solaris (or SunOS 4).  It also has the annoying misfeature
> that it only works on the physical console of the machine.  :-)
> One common way around this is to use an excellent program called
> "screen".  You can get source from GNU, or [[ObDebian]] 'apt-get
> source screen' on a Debian box and somehow export the source to your
> Sun machine.  Screen lets you run multiple programs under a single
> terminal window in pretty much any environment, and even lets you
> detach a session, log out, and come back to it later.  It's a godsend
> for working with, say, a VT320.
> (And in fact right now, since I've just moved and we have no real
> connectivity, I'm sending mail from Gnus in XEmacs running in a screen
> on a Solaris 8 machine, with the connection being a 14.4kbps modem
> plugged directly into a VT320.  Having found the relevant frobs, life
> is good, or would be for 10-year-old technology.  :-)
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