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[OT] Slow mail server (was Re: how to you reconfigure...)

> > i'm surprised that dpkg doesn't have
> > a --reconfigure option.
> >
> > how are we supposed to reconfigure an
> > already installed package?  the only way
> > i can think of is to uninstall the package
> > and reinstall it.

Three people responded to this message within approx 10
minutes of it hitting the list. By my EST clock, Nathan Norman
replied at around 1:45pm EST, Brett Parker at 1:44pm EST, and
myself at 1:50pm EST. My mail program shows them getting
distributed to the list at 2:56, 2:57, and 2:59, respectively.

Any ideas why it's taking over one hour to do this ?? It's
been mentioned by others recently, but I thought someone said
it was resolved...

Hall Stevenson

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