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Re: Backing up harddisk prior to failure

hi ya

gazillion ways to backup a disk...

best is to use tar/cpio, etc...
	( dd can be good or bad...you'd need to know what you are copying

	- lots of free code/examples

if the (new) message is just "device not ready etc"... check your ide
cable and/or replace that cable... wiggle it...

10Gb drives out in silicon valley is about $90-$100 range...
40Gb IBM ide is aobut $120 ( on sale )

c ya

On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Jonathan Matthews wrote:

> Hi all
> My server's harddisk is making weird noises and telling me at the
> console that various things went wrong.
> All in all, I reckon the drive is about to die.
> How would people go about transferring the whole system (dpkg details
> and all) over to another disk (which I'm just about to buy) and then
> removing the faulty one?
> I've got no problem with putting the two disks in concurrently, but I'm
> not sure how to go about moving it all, short of bzipping each partition
> up. Even then, would that actually guarantee a working system?
> As an aside, I'd also be interested in any suggestions for drive
> makes/models around the 10+gig mark that are competitively priced. Uk
> specific if poss, Oxford specific even better :-)
> It's to go in a P133, IDE system - nothing fancy here!
> cheers,
> jc
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