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Re: 2.4 kernel on woody install

Am 01. Aug, 2001 schwäzte Christopher S. Swingley so:

> I'm wondering how I might go about getting a 2.4 kernel right up front
> when I'm installing a woody system.  I need it for the network driver
> it provides that doesn't work with 2.2.  Is there a way to tweak the CD
> somehow (debian-cd is how I make woody boot CD's) so it would load a 2.4
> kernel instead?  I could just build a custom kernel that would support
> most of my hardware so I wouldn't need to worry about drivers.

Sorry. Don't know how to do this. I'll be watching the thread to learn if an
answer does pop up, though :). Maybe search the debian-boot mailing list

Here are some workaround ideas, though.

One, maybe install with 2.2, but use PLIP or ppp to another local computer
to do an nfs install.

I'd think the easiest thing would be stick another ethernet card in there
long enough to install and update to the 2.4.x kernel package ( see my
previous posts about initrd in lilo ).

Finally, if you have woody CDs, then you need only do a basic install and
upgrade to kernel-image-2.4.x. If that's not on the CD, then transfer it via
floppy and use dpkg -i to install it.


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