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Re: Any way to play midi files?

#include <hallo.h>
Anthony Campbell wrote on Mon Aug 13, 2001 um 08:50:32AM:
> Is there any way to play midi files on Linux?

~# apt-cache search MIDI | grep -i "play\|seq"
awe-midi - Linux AWE32 driver MIDI player
awe-netscape-libc5 - Linux AWE32 MIDI player Netscape plugin
awe-netscape-libc6 - Linux AWE32 MIDI player Netscape plugin
brahms - Graphical music editor and MIDI sequencer
kmid - midi/karaoke player for KDE
kmidi - midi-to-wav player/converter for KDE
playmidi - MIDI player
pmidi - a command line midi player for ALSA
rosegarden - An integrated MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor.
sted2 - a fast, functional MIDI sequencer
timidity - Software-only MIDI sequencer.
timidity-el - An Emacs front end to the timidity software-only MIDI
timidity-patches - Instrument files for software-only MIDI sequencer.
tk707 - TK-707 Drum Sequencer for sound card or MIDI device
tse3play - MIDI/TSE3MDL player/converter (tse3play)

Diagnose? Erklärungen? Reproduzierbare Lösungen? Sowas wollen nur
Leute, die von EDV nichts verstehen.

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