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Re: [OT] German-English translation tools

Andrew Perrin wrote:
> Does anyone know of any free (or at least reasonably cheap) tools to
> assist in translation? I'm explicitly *not* looking for a program that
> attempts to fully translate texts, but rather something to help with some
> of the dirty work as I begin translating some previously unavailable
> articles from German. It could be something as simple as a fairly
> comprehensive electronic dictionary, or possibly an NLP tool that makes a
> stab at syntax as well.  Available for linux or solaris is a very large
> plus, but I'll put up with windows if I absolutely have to.

perhaps you might look at ding:

hafi@t900:~/down$ dpkg -l ding | grep ^ii | cut -b -68
ii  ding           1.0-6          Dictionary lookup program for Unix

here is some output from 'man ding'

       ding  is a dictionary lookup program for X Window/Unix. It
       comes with a German-English dictionary  with  ca.  110,000

       It  is based on Tk version >= 8.0 and uses the agrep(1) or
       egrep(1) tools for searching.

       It has many configuration options, such as search  prefer­
       ences,  interface language (English or German), colors. It
       has history and help functions and comes with  useful  key
       and mouse bindings for quick and easy lookups.

       If you enter some word or phrase as command line argument,
       ding will start up with a translation of this word/phrase.


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