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1U server with 4 SATA ports and a 32-bit PCI slot 3Ware 9500 install issues amateur looking for help &| mentor [AMD64 - asus A6B00k] Re: amd64-archive update amd64 dualcore nad raid1 Re: amd64 dualcore nad raid1 unsubscribe amd64 glibc update for sarge AMD64 Installation/Usage-Experience Checklist? Re: AMD64 installer with megaraid driver? AMD64 nvidia kernels in only some distributions Re: AMD64 port on a Shuttle ST20G5 Re: Re: ape/mac audio ? Apple's diskdev for amd64? Apt-get trouble Apt source question ASUS A8N-SLI Motherboard: comments? ATI-drivers flickers was: ATI-driver will not start with 3D-acceleration (Update) ATI-driver will not start with 3D-acceleration ATI-driver will not start with 3D-acceleration (Update) ati vs nvidia, how to tell if sleep is supported badram patch for amd64? BADSIGN debian AMD64 Archive Key! bbkeys broken ia32-libc6 / libc6-i386 cdrdao and growisofs Chown problem Re: chroot instructions Compile failure libGL.a Re: Compile failure libGL.a (solved) Controlling allocation in 64-bit space Controlling devices at boot Re: Controlling devices at boot (never mind) Create a debian-kfreebsd-amd64 mailinglist? Custom kernel for Debian-installer howto? dell installation problem Detecting SATA drive after install D-I Etch Beta2 - Status update (3) D-I Etch Beta2 - Status update (4) Fwd: [D-I] Post-release notes Disable the sharing of interrupts? dpkg error Dropping to a shell DVD burning stop to work...PLEASE HELP ME!!! eclipse Error in DMA - Help Re: Etch amd64 dvds Every GTK+/GNOME application crashes Extreme Machine Failure within netinst: ide-disk and ide-generic are hanging each other fam uses 100% of CPU problem fdisk_and_dbootstrap_problem firefox crashes often Firefox over 90% CPU-Usage [Fwd: VMWare does not start after update to libc6-i386?] Re: haskelldb fails to build on debian-amd64 HOWTO Installing a Debian IA32 chroot system howto says up to 2.6.11 -- is this outdated? How to use 3D acceleration for 32 bit applications hp cciss raid controller and d-i grub bug - is there an updated install cd? i686 to amd64 In-Reply-To=<20040922234844.GA18988@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG>&Subject=Re:%20Mathematica SIGSEGV Crash installation problem Installing cinelerra on sid Installing Debian on sata drive with adaptec aic-8130 controller V2 Install windowmanager Intel Xeon Server Re: java-package: dependency trouble and suspicious behaviour K8V. KDE 3.4 or 3.5 sarge backports for amd64? Kernel 2.6.15-1-XXX: Some Questions kernel 2.6.16 and nvidia? Re: kernel config for MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum? kfreebsd-amd64 base system ready libc6-i386 libc6-i386 versus ia32-libs libcupsys2 is missing in testing libxxf86vm needs recompilation Lilo and grub failed during installation locale warnings Lost keyring and terminal background after loosin home directory lspci shows all devices as unknown LVM2 volume groups not found during boot Re: Mail Delivery (failure Mirroring the AMD pool mkinitrd problems Mount/fstab problem mouse wheel stops working mplayer link in amd64 Multiple hardware and RAID failures Re: Music stutters during startup of programs mysql dependancy problems. mysql-server-5.0: double free or corruption -> ABRT netinstall CD Netinst cd wasn't able to mount itself to fire the installer... Netinst Image AMD64 where Re: nfsroot boot problems No longer at CommSecure nvidia-driver out of date ? onboard ethernet on Tyan Thunder K8WE (s2895) On Hold: Re: Wifi PCI card Re: On laptop: "Display changed: LCD off/on" problem Re: openoffice 2.0.2 on amd64 [P-a-s] Please enable %firebird2/amd64 to help unblock qt-x11-free. pci express card on debian amd64 sarge Porting OpenOffice to AMD64 pppoe-server segmentation fault on AMD64 probably you problem installing update libc6 Problems with OpenOffice for AMD64 problem with mailto (package metamail) qemu 0.8.0 in amd64 quiet dual dual-core opteron realplayer in chroot VERY slow Realplayer skipping rescue grub -- help! root-programs in chroot wont work SATA problem with x86_64 install CD SATA RAID MV88SX6041 on Sarge 3.1r0a Problem scsi controller for external devices slow browsing with konqueror Re: [SOLVED] Trouble setting up ALSA on Asus K8U-X motherboard strange clock behaviour on a laptop strange SIGSEV Success with wireless on Acer1524WLMi but now won't shutdown cleanly system clock running 4% fast Trouble setting up ALSA on Asus K8U-X motherboard turion benchmark results turion/mobile athlon benchmark The last update was on 22:16 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 593 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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