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Re: quiet dual dual-core opteron

Thanks for the input... your setup sounds pretty good. I was hoping to
avoid EATX because I have a cabinet I'd like to get the unit to fit

Quoting Soenke von Stamm:
> The K8T Master2 Far-7 you mention only sports RAM slots for one CPU
> IIRC, that is IMHO not a good idea as you loose half the possible
> bandwith and add a lot of latency for RAM access for the 2nd CPU in
> any case. Symmetrical RAM for each CPU is the best case under all
> circumstances.

Ouch. Thanks for pointing that out... I hadn't noticed but of course
that's a huge drawback. Yuck.

> Hope that helped a bit. Did you want it really small? Not such a
> good idea for dual CPU I think, as you said ZmaxDP is not quiet at
> all for very good reasons. The P180 case is a midi tower, so you can
> put it below or on top of your desk. It's not too big and looks
> quite nice IMHO. My collegues were quite pleased, too =8)

As I mentioned I have a cabinet I'd like to get it inside so I would
like to use a standard ATX board but I'm not sure that I'm going to be
able to get the mobo features I want without EATX on the Thunder or

> Darn, can't find which CPU cooler our supplier used, it's one of the
> big heatpipe towers with the fan on the side, not on top. If you
> take one, er two, of those, you should have a look at the airflow,
> depending of the socket direction it may blow 90? to the case's
> general air flow (front-to-back usually)...

Cool. Thanks again... 


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