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Re: Detecting SATA drive after install

On Monday 13 Mar 2006 16:50, Joseph Legner wrote:
> I had a generic AMD64 computer built for me, and they
> put a SATA hard drive in it.  It also has a
> motherboard with on-board NIC, video, and sound.
> .....
> My question is: what do I need to do to get my Debian
> system, which is running on an IDE hard drive, to
> recognize and mount a separate SATA drive?

You need to check your motherboard, and download some kernel sources with a 
suitable driver.  `lspci` might give you some clues.  Compile yourself a new 
kernel, including the drivers for the SATA card; note they must be compiled 
right into the kernel  {not as modules}.  Install new kernel and regenerate 
your bootloader.

Reboot into new kernel and make sure your SATA drive is recognised.  You can 
then migrate your system over and remove the IDE drive.

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