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Re: Install windowmanager

2006/3/15, Patrick Mulder <pemulder@yahoo.de>:
> Hi,
> not sure if this is the right mailing list, but I have
> several problems. I have a Debian Sarge based system
> with custom build kernel. Maybe someone of
> you can help:
> 1) I had a hard-reset and some X windows system files
> were damaged. I donwloaded the latest version of
> XFree86 and re-compiled it. This worked fine.

If you are using a debian based distro why not making apt-get install
--reinstall <packagename> instead of building it from sources?

> 2) My gnome was not working due to a missing library
> called libpangocairo.so . When I had the hard-reset I
> also was trying to install the instant messenger
> client gaim which needed the source code of glib and
> gtk libraries. Though I haven't been able to get the
> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local working. The
> configuration mainly complains about wrong versions of
> glib-2.0 and libcairo, libpango and more. Is there
> someone a good tutorial on how to install the glib
> sources, and compile the window manager for a Debian
> based system ?

again, if using a debian based distro,why not use debian tools.
apt-get install libpango1.0-0 libcairo2
for gnome: apt-get install gnome-core
for gaim: apt-get install gaim

> 3) Since my gnome was totally screwed at the end. I
> removed all the packages with apt-get -f install. Now,

mmm apt-get remove --purge <packagename> should be your choice

> the system seems to be clean but I really wonder which
> packages are necessary to get again a working window
> manager ? I would especially like to try out Sawfish ?
> Which apt-get install commands are necessary exactly ?

sawfish... sawfish alone is a bit useless. Better try fluxbox, icewm,

commands... thats a RTFM!!!
apt-cache search windowmanager (will list windowmanager related
packages, choose any windowmanager available and:)
apt-get install fluxbox (just an example)

> 4) If I want to make more from source compilation, is
> Gentoo a better option than Debian ?

gentoo is a great choice if you want to build every single package. In
debian you have the apt-build command to do more or less the same as
emerge does  with gentoo.

> 5) To avoid filesystem damage due to hard resets, are
> there any knobs in the kernel or system setup ? (other
> type filesystem, ramdisk, ...) ?

Use a journaling filesystem, but it won't avoid you from damagin your
hardware with hard resets, it will make your filesystems harder to
damage, that's all.

Anyway... who makes hard resets using a debian? you can run "reboot"
or "init 6" or something else instead.

please take a look at "debian reference" (at www.debian.org, in the
documentation section).

> Since I am using a Sarge based Debian system with
> kernel I have extreme problems when a hard
> reset occurs

hard reset doesn't "occur", they are executed. Pushing that button
called "reset" is your last choice. And it doesn't matter how well
manages your OS against data loss or something... from time to time a
dissaster may happen.

Anyway, your questions should be better addressed to
debian-user@lists.debian.org or to debian-user-xxxxx@lists.debian.org
where xxxx is your favourite language.

This list is more oriented towards debian running on amd64/x86_64
issues and development.

Aritz Beraza [Rei]
Aritz Beraza Garayalde [Rei]
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