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Re: K8V.

Chris Wakefield <c_wakefield@shaw.ca> writes:

> greetings all,
> I have a question regarding an Asus k8v-deluxe.
> In the manual, and I think I read this once at Tom's hardware, that the on 
> board chip memory controller only works if you fill the first 2 RAM slots 
> (which I have - 2  X 500 Meg.). I want to add some RAM, and I'm wondering if 
> anyone knows wether the extra ram would supersede the speed that the 
> "HyperTransport" feature provides?   ...Or would it slow the RAM processing 
> significantly thereby rendering the adding of the RAM futile?
> Thanks for any opinions,
> Chris W.

Do you have 3 or 4 ram slots?

The 3 slot version significanlty slows down the ram with all 3 slots
filled. The 4 slot version should work at the same speed with 2 and 4
slots filled.


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