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Install windowmanager


not sure if this is the right mailing list, but I have
several problems. I have a Debian Sarge based system
with custom build kernel. Maybe someone of
you can help:

1) I had a hard-reset and some X windows system files
were damaged. I donwloaded the latest version of
XFree86 and re-compiled it. This worked fine.

2) My gnome was not working due to a missing library
called libpangocairo.so . When I had the hard-reset I
also was trying to install the instant messenger
client gaim which needed the source code of glib and
gtk libraries. Though I haven't been able to get the
./configure --prefix=/usr/local working. The
configuration mainly complains about wrong versions of
glib-2.0 and libcairo, libpango and more. Is there
someone a good tutorial on how to install the glib
sources, and compile the window manager for a Debian
based system ?

3) Since my gnome was totally screwed at the end. I
removed all the packages with apt-get -f install. Now,
the system seems to be clean but I really wonder which
packages are necessary to get again a working window
manager ? I would especially like to try out Sawfish ?
Which apt-get install commands are necessary exactly ?

4) If I want to make more from source compilation, is
Gentoo a better option than Debian ?

5) To avoid filesystem damage due to hard resets, are
there any knobs in the kernel or system setup ? (other
type filesystem, ramdisk, ...) ?

Thanks a lot for your help !


Since I am using a Sarge based Debian system with
kernel I have extreme problems when a hard
reset occurs


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